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postheadericon Top Tips to Win Poker Tournaments Easily

If you are participating in tournaments at poker online Indonesia, you need to get a competitive advantage. And, this would get by learning the tips and tricks of the game. There is a lot of information online as to how you can improve your game and what are the mistakes you should avoid to enhance your chances of winning. Here are the few tips.

Understand your stack size

You need to ensure that you know what hands you play and how you play them as these are influenced by how many chips you have in front of you. You should know your stack size at all times throughout the game and you will be able to make much better decisions.

Always play tight early and loose late in the game

As the blinds go up, you will lose the ability to wait around for a hand. Thus, during the start of the game, you need to be patient and play tight. But, at a later stage, you will need to open up and keep stealing blinds as much as you can. For more information about poker online indonesia, please visit


These are the few tips you need to keep in mind when betting in tournaments at poker online Indonesia.

postheadericon Expert Tips And Pointers From Pro Poker Player

You may have just started to play poker online Indonesia or want to learn some tricks of winning some games. Here are some tips and pointers from expert poker players.


Take time to learn as much as you can about poker game playing techniques. You can watch TV shows, read books, and articles online as well as discuss with experts. Your friends can even refer good sources of learning to play.


Bankroll management is vital in playing any kind of casino games. To become successful in poker play, start playing micro limits. Thus you get to play more hands and gain experience with a small first investment.


Remember bad beats need to be accepted as positive experience. Your mind may unconsciously educate you about these negative moves, which will help to make you a better player. Practical experience is also a part of plan, which is needed to gather large bankroll to move the limits.


Never overplay

If you win a few hands, don’t get over confident and move to next level. If you are not ready possibility of losing rapidly increases. When you feel that you are ready to move to next level play the same limits at same level for the same duration, once again.

Be patient

Be patient, is the best advice to poker players. Sometimes bad cards come often, but players need to stay focused. Play the game without any aggression. Lack of patience is just like lack of skills that can cause you to lose.

postheadericon Who Reigns Supreme – Online vs. Live Poker Players

Online poker games have never been so exhilarating. You can take pleasure in online poker action on leading poker websites. You need to just download the software or play on Flash version. Leading developers in the field create and maintain this online gaming software. Just register on and start off playing. You can choose to play various poker varieties like Omaha Poker, Texas Hold’em etc.

There is always a debate on who is better, online poker players or live poker players. The former players have multi-tabled their way via hundreds of poker hands while the latter has gained experience in real casino tables, looking into the eyes of the opponents.

Who Reigns Supreme?

This debate is perhaps as old as poker tournaments played online. Although both attract the same set of people and follow similar basic rules, there is a vast difference between the two.

Live poker players depend on a completely different set of abilities and skills like selecting the tournaments and games they play in, reading their opponents etc. On the other hand, online poker is all about more volume. It uses different tracking software and fires up more tables while still playing a game.


In order to be a good poker online Indonesia player, you must break down your opponent’s stats and turn it into something to ply. Although these stats exist even in live game, it is not laid out for the player. The player has to swing it, as he goes. Therefore, live play is more about feel.

It takes immense hard work and dedication to make a winning changeover on both fronts or tackle the world wherein you were not a player previously. So who is supreme? Probably neither, as the best one in both the worlds has certain skill set and this has got them there.