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postheadericon A Complete Folding Strategy Guide For Online Poker Newbies

Folding refers to the act of discarding one’s hands and giving up the interest. When a player folds, it means that he cannot put up any other bet. However, it also means that the player cannot win. As much as it may surprise you, a look at the list of online poker games suggests that folding is also necessary in a game at certain instances.

Follow your gut

Chance factor takes up the most part of this game. If you feel that your cards are going to do no good to you, then it is better not to take a chance. A professional player becomes a master at it by studying mere facial expressions. This is an art that you will learn by experience.

When your instincts tell you something, you must listen to them.

Don’t ignore the warnings

There are certain moves in this game that act as danger signs and you must learn not to ignore them. If your opponent plays in a situation that you perceive is going to disadvantage him or if he’s planning a draw, then know that he’s trying to trap you. If they call your bets all along in spite of that straight face that you’ve been projecting, then he is surely confident and that isn’t something you must ignore. For more information about situs poker online, please visit


A fold due to messy situations

This includes situations when you are uncertain of your position in the game. If you bring your opponents in a condition where he has the most likely holding, then you will find yourself superior in that part of the range, but you will be at a loss in other holdings. You need to estimate in such conditions and then decide if you want a call or fold.

Folding might be a hard thing to do if you’ve been winning. But it is advisable to let go off some extra money than losing all that you earned.