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postheadericon Online Poker Etiquettes Is Essential

Sitting behind computer screen, while playing online poker does not give you freedom to act like jackass. Even while you play from home, it is necessary to follow some online poker etiquettes.

Online poker etiquettes

  • Never berate poor poker player

Never be rude to poor poker players, if they played bad. Shouting and calling him idiot for betting his money on weak draw will not help to get your lost money back. On the whole, it will mar the playing environment. Abusive language in chat can make the poor player quit the table not for now but forever.

  • Never advice another player

It is unethical to advice another player, what to do. Let them decide, whether to fold or call. You can table talk to them and manipulate their decision, which is called leveling. It is 100% acceptable. Butting in is different than providing a weak player an advice to act, so he does not lose.

  • Never talk about the hand folded in chat

If you talk about the hand you folded in chat, then it can influence the way hand can play out, which is totally unfair to other players involved. Find more info about situs judi domino online, please check


  • Never delay your actions

Taking a long time to act on basic pre-flop decisions is bad. Certainly, time is vital for post flop actions. Taking long time in pre-flop action can slow down game and everyone involved may get frustrated. A losing player may get up leaving the table.

Now you are all ready to play poker online applying the optimistic playing decorum. At situs judi domino online, you will attain exclusive promotions and good players.