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postheadericon An Insight on Important Laws on Illegal Internet Betting In the US

While you are trying to learn something more about online betting, we would like to inform you about the legality of the game. In the United States, it is still not clear whether online betting and gambling is considered legal. As of now there are some disagreements with the law. Until these issues become clear the scenario will be unclear.

We have gathered some important information about gambling and online betting, documented the same with the help of agen taruhan online for your benefits. Let’s look at some of the anti gambling laws that were present in history.

The 1961 interstate wire act:

Because of the interstate wire act of 1991, most of the US nationals were arguing for making the online betting legal. This law formulated before the internet was invented. As per the law any gambling or betting on sports with the help of wired communication such as telephone were prohibited. Since the law was formulated before the internet was invented, lots of legal experts are arguing whether the law holds good for internet based betting as well.

Legal department has a different view and it claims that even internet is a kind of wired communication hence this also comes under this act.


The 2006 illegal internet based gambling enforcement:

During 2006 there was a bill passed by the congress known as Safe port act. This law was formulated in order to enhance the security of US based ports with an additional annexure consisting of Illegal Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. As per this law, Americans were prohibited in using the online money transactions, usage of credit cards and checks for the funding of online gambling.