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postheadericon How to choose a poker position

When a person knows the importance of the path to reach his/her destination, that person could also relate the importance of holding a good position in a game like poker. When the player is not in the position, it would be like aiming in the dark. Being complied by the poker strategy, players sit around the table and hold their position.

However, when the poker player is Playing According to Poker Position, it means he/she is going to last to play his/her turn. Eventually, that player could see the opponent’s strategy and their acts will give the good-positioned player all the information. For example, while taking flop three-handed and it is being checked to the player, it automatically becomes evident in the well-positioned player that the first two players don’t want to bet their hands. If you are looking for situs capsa susun, log on to


There are three types of positions, namely early position, middle position and late position. The most advantageous position is the latest position, where the player gets most of the information that allows the player to make the most of the valuable decision. On the other hand, players in early position are more likely to have less information. Now, the blinds are the least desirable position, as the player is forced to contribute to the pot and act first for each betting round, which makes a player on the verge of losing all the money.